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TUNING IN is a 2-day workshop designed to teach therapists how to integrate tuning forks into their current practice. Participants will learn how to:  


  • Understand the vibrational weight client's traumas have on therapists and why healers need tuning

  • Help clients reduce anxiety, depression, trauma, reduce stress and create a more harmonious energetic tone to their lives

  • Achieve more balance and harmony in your own life, and experience the fun and flow that working with sound and energy brings to you and your practice!

Tuning In

  • Tools of The Trade 

    Participants need **only one** of the following kits. The STARTER KIT offers the lowest cost option. For more breath, depth, and advanced work purchase the LITE KIT or the BIOFIELD TUNING KIT. A pendulum for distance sessions is also recommended. To purchase kits please visit


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