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Kathy Blough, Psy.S

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“A person does not hear sound only through the ears;  he hears sound through every pore of his body." 

- Inayat Khan Mysticism of Sound 

A Sound Impact

By utilizing sound, via tuning forks, to calm and regulate the nervous system and surrounding biofield, Kathy’s clients consistently report feeling lighter and brighter, with improved clarity, and peace in their daily lives.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Biofield Tuning is a sound healing method using tuning forks to introduce harmonious tones into the biofield, the body's surrounding field of information. Through resonance and entrainment, the body harmonizes with the coherent tones being introduced, which creates balance in the biochemistry, nervous system, muscle tone, organs, cognition, and emotions. As a result, anxiety calms down, anger subsides, depression lifts and energy returns.

The biofield is the body's electromagnetic field which carries encoded waveforms of emotions,

The Biofield

The biofield is the body's electromagnetic field which carries encoded waveforms of emotions, thoughts, and physical vibrations emanating from the body. The field surrounds and interpenetrates the body and is inextricably connected to our conscious and subconscious minds, including our memories.

​Static Builds Up in the System

Static Builds Up in the System

Difficult life experiences generate incoherent waveforms within the body's nervous system, resulting in disharmonious vibrations being produced by the body. These vibrations manifest as noise or static in the system and are the tones of stress, anxiety, trauma, and the survival mechanisms like fight, flight, or freeze.

Coherent Tones Smooth Out the Static 

Coherent Tones Smooth Out the Static 

By introducing coherent tones via tuning forks into the biofield, they resonate with and reflect back the noise in the system. Exposure to these coherent tones allows the body to entrain and harmonize with them, allowing the body to relax and release the tension associated with the distortions. As a result, people report feeling lighter, calmer, and less burdened by anxiety, anger, and stress and experience more energy and ease in their lives.




 Through individual or group sessions

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are given both in person and over zoom. Each session is 75 minutes and it is recommend to received at least 3 sessions to experience the full benefits that tuning can provide.

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SoundSoul: Group Tuning Sessions

Discover sound's power to transform body and spirit. This group uses energetic tones to remove blocks, guiding you to harmonize your inner strength. By unleashing this force you'll heighten creativity, awareness and your greatest untapped potential.


Next Group: To be Announced

Join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to exploring the incredible potential of sound and energy for personal growth and evolution.

Sound Education
Workshops to Amplify Your Life

Sound Soulutions: For anyone looking to enhance their lives with sound.

Tuning In: Workshops for Psychotherapists

the power of sound

Workshops for Psychotherapists:

Integrating the Power of Sound into your Practice

TUNING IN: The Healing Power of Sound

In these workshops, we will explore the art and science behind utilizing sound to harmonize and retune chaotic or traumatic vibrations into a state of neutrality and harmony. Discover how the process of sound and tuning can alleviate the static in the system created by trauma and facilitate the restoration of balance, connection and peace.

Part 1 - Tuning In:

An Introduction to Sound

DATE: To Be Determined

9-4:30 EST


Online Zoom Workshop

Interested in attending?

Add you name to the list and I'll contact you!

Part 1: An Introduction to sound and the use of tuning forks in the psychotherapy realm. In this workshop, participants will experience tuning and be introduced to:

• The science behind sound healing & how it restores balance in the body, mind & soul, • The principles of resonance and entrainment and their role in sound healing, • The human biofield and its function in memory and health, • The body’s electrical system and the importance of good “electrical” health, • Chakra Attunement Technique and how to integrate tuning into treatment. • Experience group tunings & learn self-care with tuning forks.

NOTE: Part 1 is a "stand alone" introduction to sound work in the realm of psychotherapy. It is also a prerequisite to Part 2 of Tuning In: The Mechanics of Sound Work

Part 2 - Tuning In:

The Mechanics of Sound Work

2-Day Workshop

DATE: To Be Determined

9:00 - 4:30 Daily EST


Online Zoom Workshop

Completed Part 1 and ready for Part 2?

Add your name to the list and I'll contact you!

Part 2 - A deeper dive into sound and the mechanics of integrating tuning forks into the psychotherapy process. In this workshop, participants will learn:

• Chakra Attunement Technique, a tuning process integrating practices from Biofield Tuning, psychology, sound therapies, energy work and Sacred Geometry. • Integrate tuning into your own therapy modalities. • Identify forks & frequencies that will facilitate resolution of distortions. • Identify treatment issues & create intention pathways for future focus. • How to conduct zoom or distant tuning sessions. • Use and practice muscle testing. • Experience tuning and using tuning forks for self-care.

**Tuning forks will be provided for those who attend the in-person training, however it is recommended that at least 2 tuning forks (1 weighted and 1 unweighted) be purchased for this workshop. Fork purchase options include: Starter kit (2 forks), Lite Kit (4 forks) or the Biofield tuning kit (5 forks) and can be purchased at:

Tuning Fork Purchase Information

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Sound healing with Kathy has helped me reach a depth in my healing that I haven't been able to reach before with other practitioners. After tuning sessions, I always feel realigned to my authentic self and excited to engage with life. It is truly a gift.


About Kathy

Kathy Blough, Psy.S, is a MindBody & Energy Medicine Coach. She practiced as a psychotherapist for 33 years and retired from her therapy practice in 2022. Kathy holds a Masters Degree in Psychology (1989), a Specialists Degree in Psychology and Education (2002) and a Master’s Degree in Mind-Body Medicine which she earned in 2016.

Kathy studied energy and trauma extensively

Kathy studied energy and trauma extensively while helping hundreds of clients heal from their traumatic experiences. Throughout her career, she has earned certifications in numerous psychotherapy and energy approaches such as Transactional Analysis, Redecision Therapy, Personality Adaptations, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Advanced Integrative Therapy, Vibrational Chronal Therapy, and Biofield Tuning. She's also been trained in numerous energy approaches such as Reiki, EMDR, Energy Diagnostics and Treatment Methods, Emotional Freedom Technique and Chakra Activation & Alignment.  

With decades of successful healing experience, Kathy developed a powerful sound & energy healing technique to be used in a therapy practice. Chakra Attunement Technique (CAT) integrates various practices

from Biofield Tuning, psychology, sound therapies, energy work, mind-body medicine and sacred geometry. This process is easily incorporated into existing practices and amplifies outcomes by retuning and harmonizing distorted vibrational frequencies created by disruptive life events.

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